We work with organizations and individuals to help you thrive and reach your professional goals in a mindful way.

Corporate Services:
We facilitate and guide your organization through the process to become certified as an Omm Office.
You have heard of tools like Lean, Six Sigma, LEED certification.
An Omm Office subscribes to guiding principles to process management, produce goods and services, and function as a corporate entity in the world.
To Omm is to function mindfully throughout your corporate structure, from project inception to completion, from project to project, from how you engage with clients to how you engage with each of your employees.
Omm Office LLC provides the tools and certification to help your organization engage, thrive, produce, and serve mindfully.

For Individuals ready to engage with Omm Office on an individual basis or per project basis, services include:
• project management
• writing (creative, technical, academic, and scientific)
• script reading and feedback
• script editing
• voiceover
• creating academic content such as curricula, study guides, and conference presentation materials
• WordPress web design and site maintenance
• copyediting
• research
• tailored social media content
• multimedia content production
• calendar management
• email delegation
• virtual assistant services as well as other administrative support.

We’ve worked with individuals and organizations on personal and professional projects including copyediting non-fiction and fantasy books, multimedia content production, writing, social media posts, resume editing, as well as career and life coaching.

”Karen and the whole concept of the Omm Office is not just to lighten your workload, but to lighten your mental load; one of the heaviest roadblocks in between us and our goals. It’s through the persistent encouragement and that little voice of confidence from Omm that simply makes this lovely life, well, lovely! The Omm Office is recommended, not just for its positive support, but because of their diligence and foresight into possibilities.
Thank you!”
✿Brienne Thomson
Political Scientist

“I received tremendous support from Karen to produce my research presentation. She was excellent at communicating with me on a regular basis while also providing useful resources to create a dynamic, thoroughly researched PowerPoint presentation. Karen gave great suggestions and ideas for me to incorporate into my project, which was very helpful. Karen is trustworthy and she has demonstrable expertise in time management and project management. She helped me to prepare and deliver my presentation materials on time. Thanks to Karen, I received positive feedback from the audience.”
Dr. Crystal Han
Boise State University

“Karen continues to be an inspirational mentor, cheerleader and coach during my process as a graphic novelist. As the copy editor of my first novel, Karen was thorough and objective and provided a perspective that allowed me to remain true to my work. She was a compassionate and understanding teacher when I struggled with my writing for several months. She reminded me that it’s ok to break the ‘established rules and laws’ of writing. That what is most important in writing is that you speak to your audience truthfully, from within, while being authentic and honoring your inner process, no matter what that looks like even if it’s different from ‘a norm’. She reminded me that storytelling is about using your voice to bring the reader along on a journey, that not only connects us through a shared emotional experience but challenges the imagination as well. I am excited about continuing to work with her on my two upcoming novels and inviting her to join me on a future panel at NY Comic Con.”
Ren Mitchell
Concept Artist/Graphic Novelist

”I worked with Karen to reversion over 100 hours of TLC programming. As the producer guiding my editing, she was extremely organized and knowledgeable while also being very pleasant to work with. Even under the pressure of our tight deadlines, she maintained her cheerful attitude and did everything possible to plan ahead and meet those deadlines. She also has a great sense of storytelling and was a pleasure to collaborate with. I hope to work with her again in the future.”
Amy Overbeck

”Karen brings strong teaching skills, an uplifting spirit, and enthusiasm to our volunteer base. She is reliable, thorough, and engaging. Karen is a joy to work with and an asset to our organization.”
Zachary Clark
826DC Executive Director

”Karen was a true pleasure to manage. She needed very little instruction and always had the most positive of attitudes! I found her to be very eager to learn and quickly absorbed new information and topics. She has come a long way in her career since then having had a number of high-level positions and I would highly recommend her.”
Kandy Collins
Discovery Communications, Project Manager

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