Omm Office LLC is a mindful and professionally intuitive business offering creative, project management, and administrative services helping your business meet professional and personal goals in a mindful way.

We use over two decades of experience working with high-profile companies and individuals to guide our work with you.

Mindfulness is a part of our structure. We apply mindfulness to our business solutions and services. We use this tool to address client needs.

Who We Are and How We Work with You
Are you ready for a transformational collaboration?
Are you ready for a work experience that will transform your expectation of what work is?
Are you guided to work mindfully, peacefully, with intuition?
Are you looking for something different in your organization, your contractor relationships and your partnerships?
Do you believe that work can be a mindful, peaceful, generative experience with measurable positive outcomes?
Are you ready to experience work on another level, in another style, that helps you and your organization thrive mindfully, peacefully, and spiritually while you achieve your goals?

Is this you? Do you want to say no to toxic banter, toxic outcomes, toxic partnerships, and metaphysically toxic relationships?

Are you ready to thrive spiritually and mindfully at work, as you work, while you meet your goals?

Did you know it’s possible to work better, to thrive mindfully in business, to undertake partnerships that help you grow mindfully, spiritually, and peacefully, while you work to achieve your goals?

That possibility to thrive in your space, to work better, to experience life in an improved manner as you work is here. It is through Omm Office.

We build professional relationships and partnerships that are based upon these principles. A mindful growth mentality is how we operate and thrive and hope to thrive with you.

At Omm Office LLC, we don’t believe in producing the toxicity, negative banter, and destructive exchanges that have come to typify many western office cultures. We are mindful of your whole life as an organization, as a customer, and we are mindful of the entire body of experiences you bring to the table when you work with us. We are a culture based in non-judgment, positive partnerships, helpful outcomes, spiritual and mental balance, holistic, healthy partnerships that produce measureable, successful outcomes.

We are Omm Office.
We want you to thrive.
We want you to succeed, mindfully, at being the best version of yourself as you transform work into a metaphysical, body positive, mentally healthy experience for all parts of your life.

We thrive as you thrive.
We help you meet your goals in a helpful, healthy, mindful way.

So, for example, on a per-project account, as we work on your fabulous WordPress web design, we’re checking in with you in a mindful way. We’re suggesting ways you might hold space differently, mindfully, to achieve the goals that inspire your web design production. We’re open to energy work that allows us to see where you’re holding back, what’s not being said and addressed, where your comfort zone and we begin.

At Omm Office, we’re intuitively driven to be helpful. We’re intuitively guided to help you and your project thrive. What that looks like depends upon what you bring to the space, what your energy is seeking, what your project is tapping into, how your participation in the universe of ideas and experiences has shaped your mindset and has helped create the culture you bring to the table with your project.

At Omm Office, it is you that will transform with the body of experiences you have with us. At Omm Office, we generate a transformational work culture in your unique relationship with us. We demonstrate what work life can be, here at Omm Office. We show you a better way to live through our culture, through our handiwork, through our mandate to do no harm and to only help others, those around us.

We thrive as you thrive. That is what Omm With Us means. The mutual exchange of a positive, mindful, innate experience as we go through this experience of working together on a project, be it organizational management, needs assessment and analysis, writing, research, or other goals.

We’re here to help you thrive in a mindful, productive way that sees you produce concrete work product while gaining an intentional foothold on living in this new way.

We’re non-judgemental. We reserve non judgment for all our relationships, spaces, and partnerships. We hold you in the space of non-judgment. Our partnerships are not based in leveraging weaknesses to thrive. This is the opposite of what we do. We empower our clients while you Omm with Us.

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Who’s Behind Omm Office LLC
Karen Mitchell is the founder of Omm Office. Karen has practiced mindfulness and meditation in her personal life and in application to workplace problems, performance improvement, and professional communication.

Mindfulness Training
Karen was introduced to meditation and mindfulness 12 years ago. She has studied The Course in Miracles for five years, which she applies in her work and training . Karen connected with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington in 2006. She received training in mindfulness through IMCW including a six-week MBSR course with Hugh Byrne and Rebecca Hines. She develops and maintains her practice through ongoing training, self-study, and guided sessions within the meditation community. She applies The Course in Miracles to her mindfulness practice and her work at Omm Office.

Professional Background
Karen draws upon her wide-ranging professional experiences to help you meet your personal and professional goals in a mindful way.

For 15 years, Karen worked as a project manager, instructor, and as a media professional in various roles including producer, writer, video editor, science writer, reporter, and researcher. Karen has worked at high-profile workplaces including the BBC in London, NPR in London, Discovery Networks, American University, US News and World Report, Sidwell, PBS, MHz Networks, and WPFW.

Academic Training

Karen holds an MA in Science Writing from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and she also holds an MA in Communication – Producing for Film, Television, and Video from American University in Washington, DC. Karen has completed graduate coursework in strategic communication, crisis communication, foundations of organizational performance, and workplace learning.

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The business of spreading kindness and mindfulness in the world is tough work. There are many costs to growing a special and unique business such as this one that is dedicated to the uplifting of humanity in our workspaces and communities. If you feel moved to support the mission of Omm Office, then please donate here. Thank you.